About US

Hello I'm Seb,

I'm the founder of Lumiwear, nobody special really just your average Army squaddie. I created Lumiwear because I got sick of hearing about kids being killed/seriously injured on and near the roads in the UK. I figured that kids love being the centre of attention so I knew if I could create a coat with lights on it that could increase their visibility when they are near roads, and create them in an aesthetically pleasing way so that it didn't make the child look like a Christmas tree, then it would probably work, and parents wouldn't mind them either.

So I created Lumiwear, light-up coats for kids, with the intention that vehicles will see them from much further away in dim light, and therefore be more inclined to pay attention. Thus keeping both the child and the parent safe.

I hope you like my products, I will create new designs as I start to grow the company, please give me any feedback you can that you think may help me at www.LumiParent.com. This is an online parent community I have created for parents to share wisdom and experience with each other, free of charge and free of adverts and sponsored links.

Alternatively if you need to get in touch with me directly, my email is seb@lumiwear.co.uk

Thanks very much!


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